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We Are Family

Our distinctive at Chinchilla Christian College is the belief that we are ‘family’. When a new student joins us, whether this be in Prep or at any other stage along their schooling journey, they become a lifelong member of the CCC family.

There are clear benefits of being a member of a healthy, loving family. These include: acceptance, a sense of belonging, encouragement and support. We want each and every student here at CCC to experience these benefits both during their schooling and after they have graduated.

It does not matter when a student departs from the College, we will always consider them to be part our school’s family and will be keen to hear how they are going. As students graduate and move on to the next season of their lives, we would like to be updated about how their study or work is progressing and have them know they can get in touch with the College whenever they need any kind of support from us.

As human beings, our greatest need is to be loved. During each student’s time at CCC, our hope and prayer is that they will come to know more about God’s unconditional love for them and experience the love of their school family.

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