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Our educational program is enriched with a range of co-curricular activities for students that facilitate the further development of their interests, talents and skills in various pursuits.


These activities engage a variety of interests – sporting, cultural, community service, camps, intellectual pursuits, performing arts, competitive and non-competitive activities – to meet the diverse needs of our energetic and enthusiastic student community.



Sport is an important component of our co-curricular program. The College has Primary and Secondary teams that compete in various inter-school competitions. We also have students who represent the College when competing at District, Regional and State level in a wide range of sports.


The College holds Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals each year, with eligible students going on to represent the school in their respective events. To provide an opportunity for students to further develop their sporting skills, the College offers coaching in different sports before and after school.

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The College has a strong music program, with Instrumental music being is a key part of this. Students have the opportunity to attend group instrumental lessons at school.

The College provides various avenues for students to perform while they are learning an instrument. The first step is for students to join the Beginner Band. Students who progress through the Beginner Band can then join either the Primary Concert Band or Secondary Concert Band. The Beginner, Primary and Secondary bands play at school and community events. They also compete at the Dalby Eisteddfod. Lastly, the College has an Advanced Band for students who play their instruments at a high level. Rehearsals for the Primary, Secondary and Jazz bands take place after school.

The College also has choirs available for students to be involved in. There is a Primary Choir and a Secondary Choir. Both choirs rehearse each week during break times. Our choirs perform at school events and compete at the Dalby Eisteddfod.

The Arts

The Arts is another key aspect of our co-curricular program. With regards to the performing arts, the College also holds a musical biennially. Auditions for places in the musical occur at the start of the respective year and rehearsals are held leading up to the final performances which take place at the Chinchilla Cultural Centre. Musicals are a great opportunity for students to learn to work as part of a team and develop their performance skills.

The College holds an Arts Evening every other year, which provides the opportunity for students to showcase work created at the College. Art work completed as part of Visual and Media Arts is on show to the public. This event has included a fashion show where students have showcased their fashion design and sewing skills. There are also a range of vocal and instrumental performances that take place on the night. Catering is provided by students involved in our Food Technology program. There is scope for dance and drama performances to be included in the future. All of this comes together to produce an event that celebrates student engagement and achievement in The Arts at Chinchilla Christian College.



Our camping program starts in Year 2 and continues through to Year 10. Our Primary camps take place annually, while our Secondary camps occur biennially. Students travel to various destinations for their camps, which are a significant time for social, emotional, leadership and life skills development.


All camps are included in school fees, except for the mission trip that Senior students have the opportunity to be involved in. 

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