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Head of Pastoral Care

In my role as Head of Pastoral Care, I am delighted to highlight the diverse range of opportunities our students have to serve our school community.

Chapels are an essential part of our College. They offer students a space for worship, fellowship, and deeper understanding of the essential truths of the Christian faith. These gatherings not only strengthen our students' beliefs but also cultivate a sense of community and belonging that extends beyond the classroom. I take great pride in the leadership shown by our student leaders who oversee these chapels for our students in Years 3-12.

Guiding our students and providing a compassionate ear are our dedicated chaplains. They offer pastoral care, encouragement and mentorship, assisting students in navigating life's ups and downs with resilience and grace.

At Chinchilla Christian College, we are dedicated to nurturing a spirit of service and mission in our students. Through mission trips, community service projects and outreach initiatives, students have the opportunity to put their faith into action, serving others and making a tangible impact in the world.

Furthermore, we prioritise character and leadership development, equipping students with the skills, values, and mindset needed to thrive as compassionate and courageous leaders. Through leadership programs, character-building activities and mentorship opportunities, students are empowered to lead with integrity, humility and empathy.

It is a profound privilege for me to witness our students realise their God-given potential and shine their light for His glory.

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Our chapel program is not only a core part of our school culture but also sees student empowered into leadership. We take pride in our unique approach, where student leaders take the helm in guiding their peers through meaningful Chapel services.


In our Years 3-6 Chapel, the vibrant energy and creativity of Years 9 and 10 student leaders shine through as they create engaging services aimed at our Upper Primary students. Students enjoy engaging in singing to songs with actions.


While in our Years 7-9 and Years 10-12 Chapels, led by Years 11 and 12 students, our older students guide their peers through thought-provoking messages and heartfelt worship. Our Secondary Chapels benefit from a Chapel band to lead students in worship.


Our dedicated Chaplains take the helm in guiding the youngest members of our school community in P-2 Chapel. With warmth and compassion, our Chaplains create nurturing environments where our youngest students can build a solid faith foundation from an early age.


Through our student-led chapel program, we not only nurture the spiritual growth of our students but also provide invaluable opportunities for leadership development, personal growth and community engagement. We believe that empowering students to lead in matters of faith is key to building a strong Christian school community.


At Chinchilla Christian College we provide Chaplaincy services through funding from the Queensland Government.


The aims of our chaplaincy services are to support the spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing of the students at our College. The Chaplain provides an opportunity for students to seek individual support, and also assists in organising programs within the College with the aim of supporting all students.

Engagement with the Chaplaincy services is on a voluntary basis. The work of the Chaplain is closely linked to the work of other support structures within our school in areas such as student management.

Our Chaplain is also able to refer students and families to other agencies where appropriate. Chinchilla Christian College is a Christian school. We teach Biblical Studies as part of our teaching and learning program. This subject is not part of our funded chaplaincy program.

If families do not wish for their child to have access to our Chaplaincy services, they should notify the College Principal in writing.

Each year, the College consults the representative parent body to ensure there is an ongoing endorsement for funded chaplaincy services.

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Mission & Service Trips

At Chinchilla Christian College, we recognise the profound importance of instilling in our students the value of serving others, a principle exemplified in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Through service, students not only demonstrate love and compassion towards others but also deepen their understanding of empathy, humility and selflessness.


Students have the opportunity to serve other schools, where they use their talents, resources and time to support students across Queensland. Whether it's gardening, painting or leading a chapel, these experiences not only benefit the recipients but also foster a sense of solidarity and interconnectedness among students.


Furthermore, we offer international service experiences in places like Vanuatu and Nepal. Through these experiences, students gain a global perspective and build a deep sense of gratitude and humility.


By engaging in service opportunities both locally and globally, our students learn the valuable lesson of compassionately serving others as Jesus did. These experiences not only shape their character but also inspire them to become compassionate, empathetic and selfless individuals who actively contribute to positive change in the world. At Chinchilla Christian College, we believe that serving others is not only a calling but also a privilege and a fundamental aspect of living out our faith.

Character & Leadership Development

A Chinchilla Christian College, a student leader is an individual who, through the strength of their own character and principles, inspires and influences others and groups toward positive change.


We are dedicated to nurturing and cultivating resilient leaders with deeply ingrained Christian values for the betterment of our society. To fulfill this commitment, the College has established a comprehensive Student Leadership Development Program, spanning from Primary School through to Year 12.


The program offers a range of opportunities and annual events for students:

  • Primary School (Year 6) student leaders

  • Year 11 Leadership Camp

  • Secondary School (Year 12) student leaders

  • Student led chapel services

  • Student Representative Council (members from Years 3 – 12)

  • Service and Mission Trips

  • End of Year Leadership Awards

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