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The Chinchilla Christian College Library is an integral part of the educational services provided by the College. The mission of the Chinchilla Christian College Library is to encourage and develop a lifelong love of literature and support the spiritual, academic and personal development of students in order for them to achieve their full potential, through the provision of access to high quality resources, both physical and digital.

The Library works to facilitate learning, foster a life-long interest in literature and the acquisition of knowledge in accord with our vision and mission statements. We aim to educate students in the skills necessary in the 21st century to identify, locate, organise and present information in the digital age. 

Students can access the library online catalogue form school or home.  They can search and reserve any book from our library, you can also be linked to online resources as well!


Wheelers e-book Catalouge

In order to provide students with access to eBooks we subscribe to Wheelers ePlatform.  The ePlatform catalogue is tailored so that it is age appropriate and in-line with the ethos of the College.

Download the free “ePlatform for Wheelers” app onto any mobile device with iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Alternatively, click here to go to the Wheelers ePlatform.

Students have a user name and a generic password.  Username: First name.Last name  

Password: ccc*Library1

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