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Primary School

In Primary (Prep – Year 6), we deliver the National Curriculum within the context of a Biblical worldview. We seek to ensure students experience success in their learning across the key learning areas taught at the College: Mathematics, English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Health and Physical Education and The Arts and Technologies. Biblical Studies is also taught at the College.

The emphasis in Primary is to give students a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy and instil in them the desire to be lifelong learners. The staff, curriculum and resources are focused on helping students take steps towards achieving individual potential and preparing for the challenges of future learning.

Our Primary teachers have a commitment to educating the whole person. Learning experiences are designed to support students in their mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development. Nurturing relationships provide the basis for the teaching and learning in Primary.

Ongoing monitoring of student progress enables early identification of learning difficulties, gifted and talented behaviours, and the strengths and areas for improvement for all students, so that programs can be tailored to individual student needs. Committed Teacher Aides and an Enrichment Coordinator ensure appropriate assistance is given to each child requiring additional learning support.

For students moving up into Prep from our College’s Kindergarten, we ensure there is a smooth transition, by providing opportunities for our Kindergarten children to be involved in a range of College activities throughout the year. We also provide a Transition Day, which allows the Kindergarten children to experience Prep for the day ahead of their move into Prep the following year.

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